VANESSA SAUNDERS YOU CAME ALL OVER the fiction. But this body is a museum of decay. He showed the cartographer his sarcophagus, which lay beneath the denim shorts he never took off. If he is in trouble, he will call. You are so American, she said. Which is to say. I no longer believe in … Continue reading YOU CAME ALL OVER


FELICIA ZAMORA A shadow rattles inside this suit of cells, in wait for headlights on the horizon. You pray the driver knows you, knows you lay in the center of concrete, a piece of a center line only existing outside double yellows & laws matching intention. ^^^^ Face of slivered moon questions you; glow penetrates … Continue reading PRAYER TO THE CHARCOAL DUST

Jamaal May’s The Big Book of Exit Strategies

Review By: Bess Cooley, Managing Editor Birds searching for bread. A fist fight. Fences. Lampposts. All these in the first two poems, immediately setting up Jamaal May’s second poetry collection, The Big Book of Exit Strategies. This is an urban book, a book of city landscapes—particularly Detroit, the author’s hometown. The second poem in this … Continue reading Jamaal May’s The Big Book of Exit Strategies