Selene’s Horse

BY NANCY K. PEARSON –for my Grandfather James I asked James, can you feel you’re dying? Can you feel the water pouring from the hose turn to nothing in the grass? James loved his big rigs. I love the sweet metallic reek filling my own gas tank. All day the train shuttles heaps of carpet scraps … Continue reading Selene’s Horse

Winter/Spring Issue Preview

BY ANTHONY COOK, Editor-in-Chief A few years ago, we published a mission statement encouraging submissions that take a “reflective look at our national identity and how that identity is perceived by the world.” You won’t find that mission statement anywhere now. To be frank, we grew tired of predictable and preachy stories, poems, and essays … Continue reading Winter/Spring Issue Preview

2010 Wabash Prize for Poetry Results!

BY ANTHONY COOK, Editor-in-Chief After careful consideration, guest judge Jane Hirshfield has selected Nancy K. Pearson’s poem “Selene’s Horse” as the winner of Sycamore Review‘s 2010 Wabash Prize for Poetry. Hirshfield said of Pearson’s poem: Each of the finalist poems I read had exceptional strengths. “Selene’s Horse” stepped forward for me because of three things. … Continue reading 2010 Wabash Prize for Poetry Results!