Former Wabash Prize Winner in “Poets & Writers”

BY ERIN BLAKESLEE, Nonfiction Editor Jacob M. Appel,  winner of the 2007 Wabash Prize in Fiction (judged by Dan Chaon), has a nice article in the upcoming issue of Poets & Writers titled “The Case for Contests: Why Emerging Writers Should Submit”.  Sycamore Review is proud to have potentially influenced this piece by publishing contest entrant/winner Appel in Issue 19.2 … Continue reading Former Wabash Prize Winner in “Poets & Writers”

EXPOSURE (an excerpt)

BY JACOB M. APPEL Wednesdays and Saturdays are my days off at the pharmacy, but Saturdays my wife is off too, so I do my flashing on Wednesday afternoons. In the mornings, I have my weekly rap session with Dr. Quince-Martin. She rents space on a corridor down by the waterfront—opposite a urologist named Littlecock—and, … Continue reading EXPOSURE (an excerpt)