Loss letters: Noelle Kocot’s THE BIGGER WORLD

BY DAVID BLOMENBERG An old school teacher I didn’t know well retired and died in a small town south of here.  He was loved by his gradeschool students and many children.  He had a loving wife who died later on.  In sorting through the house a box of documents was discovered that his wife perhaps … Continue reading Loss letters: Noelle Kocot’s THE BIGGER WORLD

A look into Joe Hall’s “Pigafetta Is My Wife”

BY DAVID BLOMENBERG “What Magellan wanted, I observed, was two things.  One very simple:/ to return from where he departed.” Joe Halls’ ambitious debut collection juxtaposes the journey of Magellan around the world (as chronicled by his navigator, Antonio Pigafetta), and a series of letters to a woman, Cheryl, who has left the speaker.  These … Continue reading A look into Joe Hall’s “Pigafetta Is My Wife”

Upcoming Interviews

This spring Sycamore Review will publish interviews with two poets, Eleanor Wilner and Ted Kooser, in addition to nonfiction writer and novelist Benjamin Percy.  I, for one, am chomping at the bit. Editing interviews is in some ways the most exhilarating part of my job as Nonfiction Editor at SR, because it means getting first … Continue reading Upcoming Interviews

Felix Feneon’s Novels in Three Lines

BY DAVID BLOMENBERG, Poetry Editor In trolling through a bookstore today (where I overheard someone looking for where the Paramilitary Romance section was–quoi??) I found a long-lost novel recently resuscitated by NYRB, who have a fantastic series of high-quality unjustifiably obscure novels. Feneon, who carefully avoided the limelight, compiled this experimental book, called Novels in … Continue reading Felix Feneon’s Novels in Three Lines