Issue 30.2

Winter/Spring 2019




John Sibley Williams – “My American Ghost” (Winner 2018 Wabash Prize for Poetry)
Benjamin Voigt – “Gateway”
Michael Torres – “The Pachuco’s Grandson Considers the Silversun Pickups’ Album Diana Lent Him Seven Years Ago”
Jim Whiteside – “Clock with Reverse Gears”
Shannon Castleton – “I’d like to say a few things to the world” (Runner-Up 2018 Wabash Prize for Poetry)
ren hlao – “the way border functions” & “Correspondence Leaving Turtle Island Upon Learning of my Birth Mother’s Death”
Paige Quiñones – “View from a Guest House in Calabasas”
Jihyun Yun – “Dialogue with the Husband Stitch”
S. Brook Corfman – “Participation” & “Prosopopoeian”
Dennison Ty Schultz – “On a Thursday During Pride Month a Double Rainbow Stretches Over”
Masha Lisak – “Prayer”
Jennifer Sperry Steinorth – “Wake in the Woods”


Josh Riedel – “Please Report Your Bug Here” (Winner 2018 Wabash Prize for Fiction)
Sam Asher – “Beneath the Inoculator, up Main Street”
Danielle Zaccagnino – “Sixness” (Runner-Up 2018 Wabash Prize for Fiction)
David Mohan – “Execution”


Gretchen VanWormer – “Pops of Red”
Andrew M. Howard – “Everyone You Will Ever Know”
Alex Checkovich – “Ad Vent | Advent | [ad Vingt]”
Brian P. Hall – “Security”


The Letters Were Once Bodies – A Conversation with Natalie Diaz


Amy Hiley