Issue 27.2

Winter/Spring 2016




Jody Rambo – “Elegy with the Wing of a Bird”
          Winner of the 2015 Wabash Prize for Poetry
Amanda Williams – “Confidence”
Jennie Malboeuf – “The Godhead”
Deborah Allbritain – “The Fire”
          Finalist in the 2015 Wabash Prize for Poetry
Jennifer Steward Miller – “Blizzard Aubade”
Hannah Aizenman – “Object Permanence, or Lost in the Museum”
Hannah Kroonblawd – “Deposition”
Ann-Marie Blanchard – “Don’t Feed the Girl”
Emily Rose Cole – “Her Cancer into Harvest”
Amy Meng – “On Distance”
Lois Marie Harrod – “Shelf-Portrait”
K. M. English – “El Dorado”
Susanna Brougham – “Peaks Island Excursions”
Mark Aiello – “Pornography”
Michael Homolka – “Compromise”


Alexander Lumans – “Bullet O’Clock”
          Winner of the 2015 Wabash Prize for Fiction
Andrew Mitchell – “A Long, Long Way”
Liz Breazeale – “Experiencers”
          Finalist in the 2015 Wabash Prize for Fiction
Raf Richardson-Carillo – “The Light of Fires”
Taylor Brown – “The Lioness”


Jillian Weiss – “Calling Korea: A Love Story”
Brent van Staalduinen – “Two Barbers”
Krista Eastman – “Everybody Comes Round Here, or America Retelling”


It’s Exactly Like Having to Pee, But in Your Head: An Interview with Mary Ruefle
What Kind of Trouble Could You Get Yourself Into?: An Interview with Charles Baxter
If Idiots Don’t Like It, You Can Say, “Who Cares? They’re Idiots”: An Interview with Roz Chast


by Mariano Peccinetti