Issue 25.2

Fall/Winter 2013


                              SOLD OUT


Rusty Morrison – “Want Totems”
Rusty Morrison – “Ear Totems”
Norman Dubie – “A Small Homage to Jean Charlot”
Norman Dubie – “Song”
Maggie Evans – “To Be in the World and Not Be Frightened or To Be Desperately Frightened”
William Jolliff – “Weight and Fortune”
Bruce Smith – from “The Blueness”
Jen Jabaily-Blackburn – “Whatever c. 1999”


Angie Kim – “Buried Voice”
          Winner of the 2013 Wabash Prize for Fiction
David E. Yee – “Hung Do’s Kung Fu”
Brandi Wells – “Flinton’s Home for the Elderly or Disabled”
Laura Adamczyk – “Intermission”


Jesse Goolsby – “Free: Your Purchase if Mount Lassen Erupts While Ordering”
Josh MacIvor-Andersen – “M in H Or: The Secret Philosophy of Freeville, New York”


A Good Day’s Work: An Interview with Bill Roorbach
Entrances and Annunciations: An Interview with Mary Szybist
What is an “I” if an “I” Goes Away?: An Interview with Mark Doty

Book Reviews

Vsevolod Nekrasov’s I Live I See
Stig Sæterbakken’s Self-Control


by Marcel Christ and Pat Perry