Issue 31.2

Winter/Spring 2020



Felicia Zamora – “Prayer to the Charcoal Dust”
Winner of the 2019 Wabash Prize for Poetry
Bradley Trumpfheller – “from Et in Arcadia ego & am Girlish”
Runner-up for the 2019 Wabash Prize for Poetry
Nathaniel Dolton Thornton – “Columba versicolor” & “Hypotaenidia wakensis”
Caylin Capra Thomas – “Hafgufa, The Mother of All Sea Monsters” & “The Brides of Dracula File for Divorce”
Vanessa Saunders – “You Came All Over” & “You Got Railed”
Pablo Pinero Stillmann – “Mexico City After Torrential Rains” & “Marriage Counseling”
Samuel Piccone – “Foreplay”
D.R. Shipp – “Easter”
Abby Johnson – “I See My Assailant’s Mother Everywhere” & “To My Assailant’s Pregnant Sister”
Rachel Mindell – “OkStupid”
Bradley Trumpfheller – “Take3”


Mary Elizabeth Aubé – “Letter in Mokuk”
Winner of the 2019 Wabash Prize for Fiction
Joseph R. Garrett – “A Place They’d Never Been”
Runner-up for the 2019 Wabash Fiction for Poetry
Katherine Levie – “Saltwater”
Alec Prevett – “A Wedding, A Web”
Sean Bernard – “On the Delegation of Household Chores: Two Competing Theories and Also More Theories”
C. White – “Sugar Bowl”


Helen Rho – “The Cranes”
Simone Martel – “Begin Again”
Sara Biggs Chanel & Michael Chaney – “Running out of Gas”
Sari Boren – “He’s a Rope”
Molly Johnson – “Epilepsy”


Lea Linin