2016 Wabash Prizes in Fiction and Poetry OPENING SOON

Final Fiction Judge: Adam Johnson

Final Poetry Judge: Reginald Dwayne Betts

First Prize: $1000 and publication in Sycamore Review


Submission Deadline: November 15th, 2016 (Contest opens October 1, 2016)

1. For each submission, send one fiction piece and/or up to three poems of no more than six total pages (all poems should be compiled into a single document).

2. A reading fee of $20 (submitted online) must accompany each submission. The reading fee includes a one year subscription (two issues, including the prize issue).

3. Additional pieces may be submitted separately (paying the $20 fee for each additional submission).

4. Manuscript pages should be numbered and should include the title of the piece.

5. All entries will be read blind. Information that identifies the author should NOT appear on the manuscript itself.

6. All work must be previously unpublished.

7. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable only if Sycamore Review is notified immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.

8. Each piece will be read by at least two Sycamore staffers, with the winner selected by the category’s final judge (Adam Johnson for fiction, Reginald Dwayne Betts for poetry).

9. All contest submissions will be considered for regular inclusion in Sycamore Review.

10. When submitting, be sure to select the Wabash Prize for Fiction or else the Wabash Prize for Poetry option on Submittable.

Once your work has been submitted, you will be redirected to our secure payment website. Submissions will not be considered without an accompanying payment.

If you are not redirected for payment, chances are you accidentally submitted through the regular submission channel. If this is the case, withdraw your work and resubmit, being careful to select the Wabash Prize option.

Questions may be directed to sycamore@purdue.edu.

Submit your work by visiting our online submission manager.



Michelle Tea (Nonfiction 2016)

Janet Burroway (Fiction, Fall 2015)

Mary Szybist (Poetry, Fall  2015)

Kelly Link (Fiction, Spring 2015)

Bob Hicok (Poetry 2014)

Leslie Jamison (Nonfiction 2014)

Rebecca Makkai (Fiction 2014)

C.D. Wright (Poetry 2013)

Cheryl Strayed (Nonfiction 2013)

Charles Baxter (Fiction 2013)

Louise Glück (Poetry 2012)

Antonya Nelson (Fiction 2011)

Jane Hirshfield (Poetry 2010)

Peter Ho Davies (Fiction 2010)

Mark Doty (Poetry 2009)

Tobias Wolff (Fiction 2009)

Billy Collins (Poetry 2008)

Richard Bausch (Fiction 2008)

Eavan Boland (Poetry 2007)

Dan Chaon (Fiction 2007)

Ellen Bryant Voigt (Poetry 2006)

Janet Burroway (Fiction 2006)

Tony Hoagland (Poetry 2005)


Kristen Nichols (Nonfiction 2016)

Alexander Lumens (Fiction 2015)

Jody Rambo (Poetry 2015)

John Englehardt (Fiction 2014)

Cintia Santana (Poetry 2013)

Richard Froude (Nonfiction 2013)

Angie Kim (Fiction 2013)

Maya Jewell Zeller (Poetry 2012)

Joe B. Sills (Fiction 2011)

Nancy K. Pearson (Poetry 2010)

Adam Prince (Fiction 2010)

Lizzie Hutton (Poetry 2009)

Rachel Furey (Fiction 2009)

Jim Tilley (Poetry 2008)

Matthew Simmons (Fiction 2008)

Jude Nutter (Poetry 2007)

Jacob M. Appel (Fiction 2007)

Cindy May Murphy (Poetry 2006)

Jeff P. Jones (Fiction 2006)

Anna Journey (Poetry 2005)