Jo-Ann Berelowitz From 1972 to 1973 I lived in Hillbrow, Johannesburg. The view from my flat reached across the financial towers of the CBD to the squat block homes of Soweto to the gold mine waste dumps spectral in the hazy distance, their ghostly presence veiling their primacy in generating Johannesburg, Egoli, City of Gold. … Continue reading Epiphany


Eric Van Hoose Gene likes the sequence—placing the order, undressing, waiting. He likes the suspense almost as much as the moment when the deliveryman arrives (it is, usually, a man). His phone is angled against a piece of his mother’s pottery on an end table in the living room, its camera pointed at the front … Continue reading Pizza

Mary Rosenthal

Stacy Lee My periods left me two years ago. The last was dark brown. This morning, I went to the market to pick up sea salt and laundry detergent. The lighting in the store was a murky white, tint of green. A woman and her daughter shopped in the aisle. The daughter wore a bow … Continue reading Mary Rosenthal

Jane in Starving Time

Alicia Wright Jamestown Settlement, Virginia, 1609 We grasp at everything but clasp nothing but wind. To have had my girlhood first at sea & here, in leafy canopy, silver cedars, oaks & wailing, owls & otherwise in timbered dark— I’m not like them, their island tongues unraveling in colony’s weak net, vowels slack-jawed with winter’s … Continue reading Jane in Starving Time

Winners Selected for Wabash Prizes in Fiction and Poetry

2016 Wabash Prize in Fiction, as selected by Adam Johnson Winner: Caleb Tankersley, “Dean”  Johnson: Humor and physical desire always triangulate back to sadness in this young husband’s narrative of his attempts to adjust to his wife’s degenerative illness. No digression, however, will assuage the inevitable, and the final image of a man trying to bypass his wife’s … Continue reading Winners Selected for Wabash Prizes in Fiction and Poetry

Winner of 2016 Wabash Prize in Nonfiction Announced

We would like to congratulate Kristin Nichols on winning first place in our 2016 Wabash Prize for Nonfiction with her essay, "Young Men Fall." We would also like to recognize the excellence of Bob Brunk's essay, "The Smell of Sunlight on Stones," our runner-up in the contest. Congratulations Kristin and Bob! Michelle Tea, the final judge in our … Continue reading Winner of 2016 Wabash Prize in Nonfiction Announced