BY LUCIA PERILLO “Let’s all watch as the world goes to the devil!” —Fritz Lang, 1926 She must have written Beauty’s how-to book: see the isotopes inside her veins, her literal veins, lit up under her skin, her liquidmetal jumpsuit skin, when the mad scientist throws the switch and her whole vascular system shines. I … Continue reading METROPOLIS


BY ANGELA SORBY Cote d’Azure, 1981 Paloma Picasso stands on the high dive wearing a black maillot. Below her, the photographer forgets the holy spirit’s ascension as he plunges into concentration: Paloma is vital—her perfume flies off shelves all over France. Above the photographer’s bent head a moth unspools its thirty hours of life, extending … Continue reading DOVE AND DOVE

Violence, Double Sestinas, and Barbie: An Interview with Denise Duhamel

Denise Duhamel is the author of seven books of poetry, the most recent of which are Two and Two, Queen for a Day: Selected and New Poems, The Star-Spangled Banner, andKinky.  She is a recipient of a NEA in poetry and currently teaches in Florida International University’s MFA program. Denise was kind enough to agree … Continue reading Violence, Double Sestinas, and Barbie: An Interview with Denise Duhamel


BY JANE SPRINGER Dear Blackbird, The first summer after you left rolled in as a white & fine grained fog. The question became not: Where had you gone—but one of location, nevertheless, behind what curtain: The little farmhouse, its sputtering truck & tin shed. The field where trysting lovers met. The dissolution of it all. … Continue reading DEAR BLACKBIRD I