BY LILAH HEGNAUER (for Karen) Tell me the story again, how you made another body of your own and kept him well & here. Imagine: his enormous leather mittens, still filled. Bucket crowded with unwashed russet potatoes. Loss is a far cry from utterly unhinged, just me and my lattice windows. He is gone, and … Continue reading Apron

Selene’s Horse

BY NANCY K. PEARSON –for my Grandfather James I asked James, can you feel you’re dying? Can you feel the water pouring from the hose turn to nothing in the grass? James loved his big rigs. I love the sweet metallic reek filling my own gas tank. All day the train shuttles heaps of carpet scraps … Continue reading Selene’s Horse


BY GREGORY SHERL Mel Gibson is a thundercloud. He formed somewhere over the Midwest, a few years after World War II. They say he emigrated from Australia, a son of prisoners surrounded by water—that they hated the dryness, but what to do? Mel found Catholicism in an unplugged fan. Me, I was born in a … Continue reading WIKIPEDIA