Caleb Tankersley For a moment Dean suspects the unfamiliar number is no good, but he rarely receives Skype calls and he’s just finished jerking off. Inhibitions are down. He’s laid out on the bed, shirt wrinkled, his pants and underwear crumpled on the floor, a post-sex movie scene with only one set of clothes. This … Continue reading Dean

Folk Tale

Justin Runge The fog was a cloud. Appeared on campus like a political figure. Like a holy holiday. Dined on marginalia in the faculty offices. The student newspaper sent its best reporter to the fog, which gave an evasive interview. The fog then moved on to the wetlands, snagging on bracken like hem. Made faces … Continue reading Folk Tale

The Morning Your Husband Surrendered Himself to Prison

Anna Claire Hodge Your Rottweiler was pregnant.           You wondered what to do as her girth neared bursting, what kind of mother she might be. You hadn’t mentioned           children for months, knowing he’d be barred from playgrounds and schools, stacks of pizza boxes and gallons           of ice cream at birthday parties. We spoke in whispers at … Continue reading The Morning Your Husband Surrendered Himself to Prison

Upon Re-Entry

Arden Levine After all that time indoors (the illness, the convalescence) I couldn’t recall which of the wool hats cause my forehead to itch. I’d forgotten that I like to listen to music on headphones while walking to the grocery store, and I’d lost track of the grocery store. Going weeks without checking my mail … Continue reading Upon Re-Entry

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Nonfiction Contest NOW OPEN

The Wabash Prize for Nonfiction 2017 is considering submissions until April 15. Prize is $1,000 and publication in Sycamore Review. Our judge is Brian Blanchfield. Fee: $20, which includes a copy of the prize issue for all entrants. See our contest page for more details.

Winners Selected for Wabash Prizes in Fiction and Poetry

2016 Wabash Prize in Fiction, as selected by Adam Johnson Winner: Caleb Tankersley, “Dean”  Johnson: Humor and physical desire always triangulate back to sadness in this young husband’s narrative of his attempts to adjust to his wife’s degenerative illness. No digression, however, will assuage the inevitable, and the final image of a man trying to bypass his wife’s … Continue reading Winners Selected for Wabash Prizes in Fiction and Poetry