S. Brook Corfman

Do you know what it is to absence? How the moon curls away from itself into the blanket of sky? Look in turn at each exile, how each alone returns to the house, if each returns. The calendar’s pages fall all out of order and even the fruit supports the war. Israel invented the cherry tomato so, briefly, I stopped buying them, used my cutting board much more for each beefsteak red. The bridge in the photograph is made to look old, and truthfully it’s not very arresting, but in black and white and zoomed in we create a participation. That is, a contemporary aesthetic. That is, it somehow looks flat.

from Issue 30.2

S. BROOK CORFMAN is the author of Luxury, Blue Lace, chosen by Richard Siken for the Autumn House Rising Writer Prize, as well as two chapbooks: the letterpress Meteorites (DoubleCross Press) and the digital collection of performance pieces The Anima (GaussPDF).