Winners of the 2018 Wabash Prizes in Nonfiction

We’re excited to announce the winners of the 2018 Wabash Prizes in Nonfiction, as selected by our judge. The winning piece and runner up will appear in our forthcoming issue, 30.1, which will be available in the fall.

Wabash Prize in Nonfiction, selected by Blake Butler:

Winner: “Epiphany” by Jo-Anne Berelowitz
Combining a Vollmann-like richness with a Gladman-like intimacy, “Epiphany” wields a fantastic tapestry of experience and sensation, fearless in how it delves straight through the edges of reality to the ghostly channels that support our ever-shifting neural network, feed it fresh ground. A strong, connective voice that comes alive in you and lurks there, unsettling the archives, lifting the eyes to look ahead when also looking back.

Runner-Up: “Listening Room” by Jeff Albers
A thoughtful and intimately layered consideration of attention and memory-making in the digital-preservation era, “Listening Room” is eloquently executed in its attempt to locate and parse aesthetic context, as well as the impingement of it, both personally as a consumer and as part of the crowd. Sharp, sensible, heartfelt, intuitive, in tune to how the world continues turning.

“Patterning” by Kelly Martineau
“Checking for Holes Wherever They Are” by Paul Rousseau
“Hyemation” by Meg Griffitts