$2.00 Fee for Submissions?

Dear readers,

You may have noticed that all submissions on our submittable site currently include a charge of $2.00. In an effort towards transparency, I’m writing to make clear why were are currently charging this fee, which only be in effect until October 1st.

In the 19 days since we’ve opened submissions for the Fall-2016-Spring 2017 publishing calendar, we already garnered 800 free submissions, the allotted limit we have available on our submittable package per month. To upgrade would not be cost-effective for us, and with our Wabash Contests in Poetry and Fiction starting next month (mark your calendars!), this would mean two months where poets and fiction writers would not be able to submit for general reading.

And so, to keep our doors open, we’ve instituted the $2.00 fee (the smallest amount that the system will let us charge) and will immediately remove it once October starts.


Anthony Sutton,

Editor in Chief of Sycamore Review