2013 Wabash Prize for Poetry: Results!

We’re thrilled to announce that Cintia Santana and her poem “Qasida of Grief” have taken the Wabash Poetry Prize this year! Congratulations, Cintia!

Competition was keen, and we here at Sycamore feel tremendously lucky that the inimitable C. D. Wright agreed  to make the final selection. I’m not sure we would’ve been able to do it, so fantastic were these submissions. Here’s what C. D. Wright had to say about the winning poem:

The sounds of this poem are pitch perfect. The syntactic abbreviations control the pacing. The sense of it is delivered deftly and tenderly, and the poem forfeits no subtlety in its rendering with such succinct clarity. A beautifully turned lyric. 

Indeed! Here’s Ms. Santana’s poem, which moves from vowel to vowel so mournfully, and with such wisdom:


Congratulations also to our esteemed finalists, listed below, and thank you to all those who submitted for your generous support of Sycamore Review. 

Shawn Fawson – “Fukushima-Stones”

Trevor Ketner – “Gunshot Shards of Tiny, Steel Stars”

Anne Barngrover – “Show Me State”

L.S. Klatt – “The Farm, 1922” and “The Imperatives as They Occur”

Anna Claire Hodge – “Muck City”

Britt Ashley – “Being From Texas”

June Goodwin – “Inaname (not Japanese)