With a Body Like That: Listening to Christopher Kempf

by Natalie van Hoose, Audio Archives Editor

tumblr_inline_mhlxacRWnv1qz4rgpSpring is a stingy season in Indiana. After a night so balmy we left the windows open, Friday came as a real smack on the knuckles: mid-thirties, bracing winds, and Puritan rain (or is it sleet? Sheisse, it is).

This calls for a hot poem. What better example than “Stack Sex” by Issue 21.1 contributor Christopher Kempf, himself a native of Fort Wayne? He knows (he must!) what it’s like to love young in Indiana—the dearth of good make-out spots, the toxic rivers, and unwilling weather. Cornfields aren’t exactly beds of clover, either.

We cope/copulate as best we can, even if that means dropping our duds and raising some dust in the boonie back-aisles of the library—er, we mean via this steamy poem, of course, because to paraphrase Kempf, this is not about us.

Join Kempf in his shameless voyeurism, and visit our archives for other easy-on-the-ears poems.

Photo credit: Christopher Kempf