The Map of the System of Human Knowledge

By David Blomenberg, Reviews Editor

MoS-e1381810730394I keep finding things I thought I’d lost long ago.

There are some really wonderful books coming out this season, including one by none other than James Tadd Adcox, the editor of Artifice.  We have fond memories of him during his days as Sycamore Review’s Fiction Editor. His debut book, recently out through Tiny Hardcore Press,  is a fantastic collection of entries whose titles are simply where they fall in a taxonomy of understanding. Suicidal microwaves. Cities that vanish from maps.  A collection of pants that don’t fit. A series of moments in which the characters find things or learn things, yes, but what’s most vital to them is how to process this discovery: what do we do with this, they all seem to be thinking.  Should found coins be pocketed or swallowed?  Should found nails be hammered back into the house they hold together, or collected in tiny boxes? “Poetry/Profane/Music/Instrumental” begins with “The piano bowing before us lays each of its white tongues on the carpet. I take the tongues and seal each in a jar to preserve them for winter.”

Mr. Adcox has recently been on the go, reading from this book (and from his other projects in preparation) and testifying from podia in many bookstores–keep an eye out for him.  Oh, and he’s been getting reviewed, too, here, for example.  And here’s a link to the book, here.