Congratulations to Sycamore Poetry Contributors

By Jessica Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief

From the recently  released Issue 24.2:

Michael Mlekoday (“O Maker”), has won the 2012 Stan and Tom Wick Poetry Prize. His manuscript, The Dead Eat Everything, will be published by Kent University Press.

When we received “O Maker,” we were impressed by its successful high-wire act of balancing between humor and poignancy. Mlekoday, a National Poetry Slam Champion, also crafted the poem with admirable rhythms and sound work throughout. If “O Maker” is any indication of the rest of his collection,The Dead Eat Everything is a definite addition to your future To-Read list.

“O Maker” and work by poets including Joanna Klink, Rick Bursky, Alex Lemon and many more is available in Issue 24.2, which can be purchased from our online store

From Issue 24.1:

Ari Banias (“Narrative”), who recently followed up his stint as a Provincetown Fine Arts Work fellow by securing  a fellowship at the University of Wisconsin Institute for Creative Writing, just published his chapbook What’s Personal is Being Here With All of You with Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs. “Narrative” was also featured on Verse Daily.

Emilia Phillips (“Latent Print: Ars Poetica, 2011 Wabash Prize for Poetry finalist) was just awarded the Merida Fellowship by U.S. Poets in Mexico for her poem “Subject in Position of a Soldier with No Arms,” which first appeared in Sycamore Issue 23.2.

Michael Tyrell (“Landscape with a Burning City,” “Primal Scene,” second runner-up of the 2011 Wabash Prize for Poetry), has just had his book The Wanted published by the National Poetry Review. It’s been receiving great reviews, including one on the Huffington Post.

Congratulation to all of our talented contributors! If you have more news, please share it with us.

All of the poems mentioned here can be found in our Audio Archive, read by their authors. Issue 24.1 and all other back issues are availalable in our online store.