Introducing Editor-in-Chief Jessica Jacobs

By Jessica Jacobs, Editor-in-Chief

If there is a verbal equivalent of a beaming smile, then consider me doing that here.  A high bar has been set by former Editor-in-Chief Anthony Cook (thank you, Tony, for all of your amazing work these last two years!), and I am thrilled and honored to be continuing the Sycamore Review legacy.

In the time leading up to our next issue, we have some exciting changes in store.  Online, in addition to site design upgrades made by Webmaster Ehren Pflugfelder, second-year fiction writer Natalie van Hoose will be bringing you an audio archive in which all Sycamore contributors, past and present, will be invited to share recordings of themselves reading their work, helping us to provide a more immersive environment and letting our writers’ voices truly be heard.  Book Review & Blog Editor Rebecah Pulsifer will be guiding our staffers to ever-more insightful blog posts and book reviews, and working with our interns to make all of our reviews, even those that were formerly just in print, available online.

Though this could be the But wait . . . there’s more! moment, because there is indeed a lot more,  I’ll  opt instead for a cliffhanger and promise to keep you apprised as things progress. For now, I’m very much looking forward to reading your work and thank you for your interest in Sycamore Review.