Introducing Poetry Co-Editor Jacob Sunderlin

by Jacob Sunderlin, Poetry Co-Editor

Hello Internet.  I’m a third year writer in the MFA program at Purdue University, who has been variously employed as a hod thrower, line cook, bread baker, newspaper ad-stuffer, tutor, teacher, and banjo enthusiast (examples and better listening found here).  This summer, I’m shoveling rocks and dirt into a rock-and-dirt sifter that I built, and then sifting out the dirt and putting the rocks into a wheelbarrow and then moving the rocks to other places.  While I do this, I listen to Ray Wylie Hubbard.  Sometimes, I stop working and read Twilight in a hammock–it’s about vampires, I guess, and other things.  When I go home, I work on poems about those other things.

I am correspondingly stoked on your poems, and excited to continue reading for Sycamore in an editorial capacity.  Check out the aesthetic statement Corey and I wrote for more specific information via our  Submission Guidelines.