Issue 23.2 Preview

BY ANTHONY COOK, Editor-in-Chief

ISSUE-23_2COVER-Website1-150x150Here’s a taste of what you’ll find in Issue 23.2, due out in July.

Fiction: You’ll find Joe B. Sill’s story, “The Duck,” in which the main character is a young Anton Chekov. It’s a story that is at once ambitious and quiet. Antonya Nelson selected the story as the winner of 2011 Wabash Prize for Fiction, saying it stood out “for being both entirely original, and entirely paying homage to the father of short story writers, Anton Chekhov. It looks backward, it looks forward. It is spare, clever, elusive, and utterly satisfying.” You’ll also find Tom Noyes’ story, “Per League Rules,” which brings together the rust belt, fatherhood, and girl’s softball, and Naomi Williams’ story, “Items for Exchange,” a historical fiction that revolves around a well-known French exploration expedition of the 18th century.

Poetry: Bob King addresses Tony Danza, Bianca Lech gives us an index entry for “labido,” and Gary Dop teaches us how to pretend we’ve read Moby Dick. Plus new work from Jeffrey Skinner, Julia Story, and David Thacker, among others.

Interviews: T.C. Boyle talks about egotism, Bob Hicok talks about the importance of innocence in poetry, and Jean Valentine talks paleontology.

Nonfiction: Amy Lee Scott explains why she’s never returned to Korea since she was adopted by American parents as an infant, and Jacob Sunderlin explains what Rae Armantrout and Lil Wayne have in common in the book reviews section.

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