Introducing Fiction Editor Conor Broughan

Photo-150x150I grew up in Alexandria, Virginia before moving to Providence, Rhode Island to pursue a BA in Literature at Providence College. Following graduation, I moved to New York where I worked in academic publishing for several years. I currently live in Lafayette, Indiana where I am pursuing an MFA in fiction at Purdue University.

I look forward to the upcoming reading period because I couldn’t be more excited to read your work. Last semester, I had the pleasure of serving as the Assistant Fiction Editor and I was impressed by the submissions I had the opportunity to read and eventually help edit. Over the next year, I plan to speed-up the response time for your submissions and also diversify the fiction that we publish in each issue.

Submit the story that you’ve surprised yourself with. Submit a story that took you, the writer, out of the your own self-contained world and made you reconsider your place in that very world. As a reader, I want to be surprised by what is on the page. When I finish a story, I want to look at the world anew and from a slightly different angle. Please consult the Submissions page for my full aesthetic statement and submission guidelines.

It’s great to meet you all and I can’t wait to read your work.