Wishing the Best To Our Outgoing Editors

BY ANTHONY COOK, Editor-in-Chief

It’s a sad fact of life here at Sycamore Review. Because we are a graduate student-run publication, our editors change every year or two. This summer, four staffers will be leaving us: Managing Editor Katie Connor, Fiction Editor James Xiao, Nonfiction Editor Ruth Joynton, and Assistant Director of Creative Writing Chris Arnold. Each of these editors have made significant contributions to the journal.

Katie has been the driving force behind our continued ability to grow. Not only has she kept us financially viable during tough times, but she’s managed to expand and improve our Looseleaf Writing Program as well. This year, the program has reached students at local schools, community members at local libraries, and youth from Tippecanoe County’s home for children. She’ll be sorely missed.

James has shaped the journal’s fiction content for the past two years. During his time here, he has refused to settle for the role of mere gatekeeper. Rather, he dedicated countless hours to helping promising writers craft their work into something exceptional. Our contributors can vouch for his patience and wisdom.

Likewise for Ruth, who not only introduced our readers to some fantastic essays, but also a reliable line-up of in-depth book reviews and priceless interviews with writers such as Carl Phillips and Benjamin Percy. She is also completely dependable, which isn’t a trait easily found in the world of creative writing.

Finally, Chris will be leaving us, taking with him his dedicated reading of manuscripts, his ability to herd sheep, and his dauntless enthusiasm.

We’ll miss each of you. Your hard work and dedication to great writing is the reason Sycamore Review is still publishing after 22 years. Despite these losses, I’m confident we’ll continue to grow. Already there are some exciting changes in the wings. In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing you to our new editors and their unique visions for the journal. It’s going to be another exciting year.