Congratulations to the Winner of the 2010 Wabash Prize for Fiction

BY DANA BISIGNANI, Wabash Prize Coordinator

After careful consideration, guest judge Peter Ho Davies selected Adam Prince’s story “Island of the Lost Boys” as this year’s winner. Davies writes that Prince’s story is “notable for its acute observations, wry wit, and delicate characterization. The latter is true of even the secondary figures–each is vividly particular–but especially of the complex central character, a risky choice of protagonist who could so easily collapse into sordid stereotype, but who is here delineated with an exacting and surprising sensitivity. The result is a quietly, almost furtively, heartbreaking story.” This story will be showcased in our upcoming issue, 22.2, due out later this summer.

In addition, Davies chose Kerry Jones’s story “The Last Innocent Year” as this year’s first runner-up, describing her work as “a feeling, and detailed, coming-of-age story told in the voice of a frank (though never over-wrought) emotion. The evocation of place, community and period is nicely textured, and I especially liked the quiet sense of loss that pervades–the loss of a specific young life in the subplot of the story, but also implicitly of youth in general.”

This years second runner-up is Shannon Robinson’s story “Secondhand,” which Davies describes as “a psychological ghost story of sorts.” The piece “opens with a beguiling, resonant mystery and proceeds to unpack it in ways both inventive and engaging,” Davies said.

We would like to extend our congratulations to all three of the writers selected by this year’s discerning judge. The prize issue, 22.2, will feature the winning story as well as interviews with award-winning fiction writer Benjamin Percy and renowned poet and activist Eleanor Wilner. If you are interested, please see the subscription page.

Thank you to all who submitted to the 2010 Wabash Prize for Fiction. We hope that you will consider submitting your work to the Wabash Prize for Fiction in Spring 2011.