Stories to check out in Ecotone, Cincinnati Review

BY ANTHONY COOK, Editor-in-Chief

Though I’m not usually in the habit of sending our readers elsewhere, I’ve got to plug two stories recently published or coming out soon in Ecotone and the Cincinnati Review. These are the kinds of stories we’d love to publish, but alas, the writers are current or recently graduated Sycamore staffers, which means we can’t.

The first story is “Laidlaw,” by Christopher Feliciano Arnold, the assistant director of creative writing here at Purdue University. It’s the story of the hardscrabble origins of a Central Oregon town, and you can find it in the current issue ofEcotone. The second story is “Something Ancient,” by Brian Beglin, who graduated from Purdue’s MFA program last year. It’s told from the perspective of a gorilla working in human resources, and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Cincinnati Review. It’s worth your time to check them out — the stories are fantastic, the writers are ones to watch, and the Cincinnati Review and Ecotone are two relatively new literary journals that are doing things right.