Winner of the 2008 Wabash Prize in Poetry

BY MEHDI OKASI, Editor-in-Chief

Congratulations to Jim Tilley whose poem, “On the Art of Patience,” won the 2008 Wabash Prize in Poetry.  Judge Billy Collins wrote:”The speaker of this poem may be stalled in a store waiting for help, but his restless consciousness continues to move through a series of quirky associations, which run freely while being lightly enclosed in formal stanzas.  The result is a syntactically breathless interior monologue which finally runs out of patience itself and collapses in comic deflation.”

I would also like to congratulate Nancy Terasaki for her poem, “Noodle Shop Sestina,” which was picked by Mr. Collins as one of the two finalists.

The other finalist is Christopher Kempf, for his poem, “Stack Sex.” Congratulations Christopher.

You can read the winning poems and finalists in the upcoming issue of Sycamore Review due out in late January. Thank you to those of you who submitted and we appreciate your patience in hearing about the winner.  We look forward to next year’s contest.