Introducing Nonfiction Editor Erin Blakeslee

ERIN_BLAKESLEEIt is Sycamore’s intent to allow you, our readers and submitters, to know about the editors who read your work.  Since August saw the inauguration of our new editors, I’ve asked that each editor take the time to introduce him/herself.

This is from our new nonfiction editor, Erin Blakeslee:

I originally hail from Erie, PA, home of the SeaWolves baseball team, Presque Isle State Park, and Mad Anthony’s Ale. I hold a B.S. degree in Cinema and Photography (Screenwriting concentration; Anthropology minor) from Ithaca College in lovely Central New York. In addition to jobs in a family-owned bakery, a union-only grocery store, a natural gas utility company, and a podiatrist’s office, I’ve had the pleasure of working as a reader for The Jim Henson Company in Hollywood, California. I am currently pursuing my M.F.A. in fiction here at Purdue University. I have been interested in creative nonfiction writing for some time though, and have studied it under Sally Parr, Tom Kerr, and Bich Minh Nguyen (my current thesis advisor). I’ve also taught memoir classes, notably through Sycamore Review’s own Looseleaf Workshop program. I’m excited to be taking the reins as Sycamore Review’s new nonfiction editor from the capable hands of Jess Mehr, by whose guidance our nonfiction submissions increased in both volume and quality. When reading nonfiction, I am particularly attracted to work that interrogates the relationship between personal experience and one’s larger society and culture, but primarily, I’m looking to be engaged by surprising ideas and fresh prose. (Please note before submitting that Sycamore Review does not publish scholarly literary analysis and the like. This work can be exciting and important, but it’s not our bag.) I look forward to reading and considering all the work that comes my way!