Introducing Dave Blomenberg

DavoCroppedHere in Indiana the cicadas are coming to an end, They’ve been crashing through the leaves all over campus.  The students alternately clog and abandon the sidewalks each hour outside Heavilon Hall.  It’s good seeing them, after the long quietude of the summer, when Lafayette is a sleepier place, with much greater ease of parking.

Theresa Smith (who introduced herself on this blog recently) and I will be your friendly neighborhood poetry editors, and it’s been wonderful seeing from all our submissions just how much poetry is out there.  I have had a rather long history with Purdue University, getting my BA here in Creative Writing (with Marianne Boruch) and Secondary English Education back in ’94.  After graduation, I went on a grand experimental trip to Russia, teaching English at the Russian State University for the Humanities in Moscow, as well as a private school on the west side of the city. After that, I thought I needed something more conventional, and spent the next decade as a corporate trainer.  I found that I needed less normalcy (as well as more reading material other than IRS publications) than I thought, and decided to move back to what I loved, which was poetry.  I’m soon to finish my MFA back here at Purdue, studying with Marianne Boruch, Don Platt, and Mary Leader.  It’s been lovely so far, surrounded by all of these fantastic creatures:  writers.

I especially am attracted to poetry that has drive, holds wonder and astonishment at the world, and isn’t afraid of trying something new.  I look very much forward to reading your work!