Patricia Henley’s Glimmer Train Essay

BY MEHDI OKASI, Editor-in-Chief

Patricia Henley has written a fantastic essay published in the Glimmer Train Bulletin entitled, “The Potholder Model of Literary Ambition,” that chronicles her writing life and provides some great insight into the experiences of a National Book Award nominated writer.  This is a generous essay in which Patricia reveals the truths of her experience and offers some very sage advice to aspiring writers.  You may read the essay here.

Patricia Henley is the author of three collections of short stories and two novels. Her first novel, Hummingbird House, was a finalist for The National Book Award in 1999. Her second novel, In the River Sweet, was a Border’s Original Voices selection and was honored as a Best Book of the Year by several newspapers. Her short story collection, Worship of the Common Heart, remains in print by MacAdam/Cage.