Introducing the Other Poetry Editor, Keverlee Burchett

Continuing with our series of staff introductions, we now introduce Keverlee Burchett, who will be poetry editor this year together with Mindy Gutowski.

carouselmodKeverlee grew up in Charleston, South Carolina with her mother, step-father, and a sibling on each hip. She began ignoring schoolwork, employers, and nutrition at a young age to focus on poetry. After studying under Carol Ann Davis at College of Charleston, she was whisked away to scenic Indiana, where she is currently in the third year of her MFA, under the firm tutelage of Marianne Boruch. She’s living alone for the first time in her life, and is making up for the lack by obeying the constant demands of her two spoiled dogs, Tree and Maybelle.

Keverlee’s poetry idol is Elizabeth Bishop, though she is equally obsessed with Anne Carson, Jorie Graham, James Wright, and Larry Levis. Limited as this list may seem, Keverlee’s editorial tastes were broadened this summer having read for a new first book contest (at another magazine). She also reads novels and non-fiction, including most recently: Special Topics in Calamity Physics; The Omnivore’s Dilemma; Animal, Vegetable, Miracle; and Setting Free the Bears.

Keverlee is currently living in a small un-air conditioned apartment and is accepting applications for new pets, with special emphasis on handicapped or other special needs animals. Also chickens. Seriously.