Say Hello to One of our New Poetry Editors, Mindy Gutowski

mindy-introphotoMindy grew to 5’2.5″ drinking the Fluoride-enhanced waters of her hometown, Elgin, Illinois. Since 2001 she’s set up camp in Indiana, first attending Butler University and now Purdue as a 3rd year poet in the MFA program. Her personal heroes include Fran Quinn (a poet publishing with the Blue Sofa Press and running his own independent poetry workshop) and Aussie Bindy Irwin.

Mindy’s literary taste is proving democratic; this summer she read and loved equally Rushdie’s The Moor’s Last Sigh, The Time Traveler’s Wife by new author Audrey Niffenegger, and the final (sniff, sniff) installment of the Harry Potter series. She considers the closing line of William Stafford’s poem, “Ask Me” to be among the greatest ever written, but otherwise has no poetic favorites (unless you count poet Dave Shumate and Mary Oliver’s poem “Members of the Tribe”). Make of that what you will.

She was recently engaged to a fellow poet and is looking forward to their life together eating Ramen and sleeping in a refrigerator box while fighting over whether or not they can write in the margins of their mutually owned books.