Meet Sycamore Review’s New Web Editor, Eric Scovel

eric_neon_thumbNo, folks, we didn’t shut down for the summer.  But we’ve got some changes to announce here for the blog and the journal.

The first in our short series of introductions of new staff at the Review is for our new Web Editor, Eric Scovel:

A restless native of Polo, Illinois, Eric Scovel is at Purdue working on his MFA in poetry. This summer, he’s gotten obsessed with blogging. Besides finding great stories for the SR blog, he’s got two blogs of his own. Learn about his literary interests, etc., at what light already light ; his other blog, Mindless Carnage and Wonder At Death, focuses on his writing process using a computer program called mchain. Check them out to see a preview of what may be in store for this blog.