Announcing the Winner of the 2006 Wabash Prize for Fiction

And the winner is…Jeff P. Jones for his story “The Source of My Troubles.”

Prize judge Janet Burroway said of this story, “…a true original, and comes at serious feelings from a wonky angle. The language in both dialogue and narrative is as fresh as the setting is rotten.” We too were struck by the vividness of the setting and the playfullness of the language. Thank you for an excellent story, Jeff. We’ll be publishing “Source” in the upcoming issue.

In addition to being published in what could possibly be the best issue of a lit mag ever (no snark), Jeff will receive $1000 cash prize. Now don’t you wish you had entered? Don’t fret, the 2006 Wabash Prize for Poetry will get into gear soon, and there’s always the 2007 Fiction Prize to prepare for. Watch this space for details.

Many thanks to the amazing Janet Burroway for agreeing to judge our contest. We hope that all our future judges will be as gracious and as generous as you have been.