Biography of Your Husband takes you deep inside the illicit world of your husband’s affairs, bringing them to life in a way your mind has never fully confronted or imagined. Though you have often suspected him of infidelity, this is the first time one of his lovers has made a public claim about a relationship. But is she telling the truth? This question looms at the heart of this thorough and compelling biography, which has both the parodic playfulness of Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and the devoted diligence of Boswell’s Life of Samuel Johnson. Packed with deep psychological insight and rich dramatic tension, Biography of Your Husband provides the mistress’s moving account of your husband’s motives, of the many times you almost caught him, and of her role in the affair. Smitten, the author, devoted countless research hours into an investigation of your husband’s childhood, his dreams, his goals, and his desires, and she offers an unflinchingly honest and hauntingly persuasive, if occasionally naïve, defense of why she believes she is the better partner for your husband—an idea you’re not inherently opposed to. Along the way Smitten also details many incidents that other authors (and lovers) would shy away from and that corroborate her claims. In the end, it is up to you to decide if you believe her—and if so, what you will do about it.

Praise for Biography:

“Dazzling, riveting, revealing…shows your husband in a new light…if this doesn’t help you confront your marital problems, nothing will…” – The New York Times

“Biography of Your Husband made me laugh and cry in turn…a witty evocation of the contrast between the banalities of your marriage and the alternate life your husband may or may not lead.” – Esquire

“Read this book—if you dare!” – Entertainment Weekly

About the Author

Jane Smitten lives and writes at the edges of your consciousness, of your property, peering in the windows of your life after the rest of the neighborhood has gone to bed. You sense her presence in your every maternal deed or (attempted) romantic encounter—watching, judging. She is better looking than you, and more fun. Her smile is like the moon’s crescent; her legs and cleavage go without saying. She has been tempting your husband for years, perhaps, but her success is always entirely dependent upon you. You hope. Or do you? She will continue to exist inasmuch as you will let her, though it is possible she will exist regardless. She knows how hard you work to stitch up the bursting seams of your marriage for the children, for stability—and she knows you are almost out of thread. She does not know that you pricked your finger and put it to your lips and that you are now thirsty for blood. She is aware that your husband won’t take action—that it is up to you. And she is no longer content to watch and wait. She wants you to know your husband’s story. She wants to be seen. Heard. Read. Acknowledged. She wants to know if you’re ready. She has no idea how ready you are.


Kelcey Parker has recently published stories in Indiana Review, Epiphany, Amoskeag, and other journals. Her interview with novelist Joanna Scott appears in the 2006 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market, and she is interviewing Bret Lott for 2007. She is a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Cincinnati, where she is completing her first novel.